Camey gets his reward.

No it’s just paranoia, they don’t trust non mohamud saleeban politicians and judge every single action they do(even when they done nothing wrong). It reminds me of the criticism that non-white people Sadiq Khan in a position of power face by white supremacists/alt rights. Nothing more than tribalism/racism.
So basically makes since has ms girls tell me to avoid none ms girls and to never make one compete with non ms girl for you
He was the worst VP in the history of Puntland. any of you remember when he came in front of the media and defended his cousin Kiin Jama, the ****:noneck:
If she is a **** than what does that make the rest of you somali girls? Than loool
One of the greatest achievements of Camey was throwing heavy water bottle on Gaas's head.

Times he roughed Gaas up he wasn't seen in public for weeks until the wounds and bruises healed.


Mehmet Camey was a hard man who used his boxing skills on Gaas and threw punches whenever he got angry.

He was a true 'gangster' in every sense of the word.