Cadaan revert responds to a Xalimo's tiktok lol


Love is in the air, come sniff with me
Halimo are so brainwashed, some random cadaan says he loves yiu and he’s Muslim and your already at his knees?? I like this woman she didn’t fall for his trap


LOVE wins over HATE
Let Them Eat Cake
Idk if this has been posted yet but.

"You didn't have a chance anyways":dead:

Tattoo wearing white boyz be Islam reverts and yet our noble brothers and sisters are crack heads and drunks. is the world up side down?

x z

±somali supremacist, anti-inceI&queen in the north
yikes. she is beautiful wallah. but why make a dumb generalisation like that? and since when we’re Muslims even checking for White men in general to make that comment

but at the same time, I’ve seen that same meme swapped with black,arab, Somali, everything. So equality i guess lol

but that hyena is lying through his Turkish fake ass teeth sayin she never had a chance, acting like SHE ain’t the catch


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