Cadaan "people"

Does anyone else get irritated or irrationally angry when they see white people?? :cosbyhmm:



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No. I find myself changing my personality to whoever I meet today. When it comes to whites I see myself treating them like a golden retriever. :pachah1:
Elaborate please :mindblown:

I was at lowes earlier and I went into the bathroom to wash my hands and what I saw or rather smelled filled me with disgust. This fucking boomer took a shit and just walked out of the bathroom without washing his hands. I leave the bathroom and I see this ANIMAL sniff his hands and rub them all over the merchandise.

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Why would I? My ancestors killed them, if they looked at us wrong.

My people are not slaves so I don't have a reason to be angry.
Tbh they did colonise us for 70 plus years so that’s kinda a minor L but it’s an L we can brush off. So you’re right we have no reason to be angry