Cadaan girl teaches us how to meet Somali girls

LMAO. What in the...

FUCK all that noise, I'm trying to meet her.

Tamara sneak dissing and acting like a pimp in the comments :dead:

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x z

±somali supremacist, anti-inceI&queen in the north
bruh. we live rent free in every ethnicities minds subhanallah. leave us alone madhows, cadaans, ayshans, ayrabs, martians, jupiternese EVERYONE.

nadhaafa bisanka, i wish we went back to being somalian and unknown.

farmaajo and bixi need to tag team and remove internet from somali lands, they are to blame for this increase traffic in somalinimo online, where everyone wants to cash in for views and clickbait.

'like garay hadaa lamo fara haysateed' headass.
I don't see somalis pushing informative content like this :banderas:
Instead, we get the low prodcuction cam in the bedroom/car type of videos


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