CabdiMalik Coldoon arrested in Burco, Somaliland


They Love To Arrest This Dude



Veni Vidi Vici
He cannot catch a break can he? What is it this time.

He cannot catch a break can he? What is it this time.


The news, on why he was arrested, is not out yet but I could imagine that he said some dumb shit, he probably praised the Taliban and wished a group like that would take over Somalia and Somaliland...
This guy has being kicked out of every place he has sat his feet on...Somalia, Puntland you name it...
There is nothing extremist about him he just calls out all the missionaries and gays Somaliland brings in. It was probably because he recently called out Barwaaqo (Prosperity) University head as a well known Nigerian Pastor.

And also called out Muse Bixi for saying Islam needs Abaarso and Barwaaqo, schools run by non-muslims and pastors.


How are people okay with these things? Why is anything Coldoon is saying shocking? Calling out pastors and gays teaching your kids is controversial? Anything in the quest for recognition it seems. Shocking.

All these Culumo were calling out the same things in particular about the cultural centre, I wonder if they will be arrested as well.

Didn't he support what happened in boosaaso prison?
Is there any evidence for that? I have never known him to support any extremism. He is jailed for speaking out against Pastors, Gays, and Extreme feminists brought to Somaliland.

All he does is that and raise money to help the poorest people.