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Businessmen in Somaliland threaten to stop using Berbera port for good & use Bosaso after tax rise


Don't compare Djibouti which was an independent nation for more than a half a century yet their GDP is 1.7 billion USD compared to that of an isolated unrecognized de facto state Somaliland which has a GDP of 2 billion USD.Djibouti is a joke far worse than Somalia.

That little Ciise clan enclave is nothing more than the pet project of one really corrupt family.
We must remember that all of Somalilands success have historically come about in a free market and that recent governments are putting in nepotist policies which will only hinder our growth. SL with free markets and good rule of law can easily become an economic centre of africa . However this corruption coming from KULMIYE is setting us on a course to become another Djibouti or a banana republic in which all our hopes hinge on Berbera.


سلطنة مجرتين
Don’t politicize this move as businessmen from both sides have agreements extending from early 90s til today same goes with the egal-AY deal in 98...most of you are to busy with fkd instead informing folks in this forum with the real facts.
Why are people against @Bohol and calling the man a sheegato? a true person for his clan wants to see them do better not watch them do poorly unless of course your a sheegato and like seeing your clan doing bad, then that makes sense. But anyone who is a true member of a clan needs to criticize his clan or else they won't ever move forward and could be left behind.

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