Building a house in the Somali frontier


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I think all of Hawiye are originally from Hararghe highlands. Most of Gorgaarte headed south for some reason. Do you have insight to this migration @MusIbr?
I have no idea about the place origins of the Hawiye at large but it’s possible it’s in Hararghe. I know that Gugundhabe come from near Hiiraan originally according to oral history though, with one group going South and another East-North. I am Jidle by the way, Murulle is a sub-clan of Jidle.
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Camels die in the highlands? First I’ve heard of this. But I can believe it, it’s not an animal suited for the temperate climate of the highlands.

It doesn’t matter though, once we reach the highlands we can easily switch over to being agropastoralists like some of my relatives and Rahanweyn(?) in the south I think. It provides better food security as well.
You're right rahaweyn are agropastoralists but some subclans like eelay have switched to farming completely