British Somali Daesh terrorist blathers on about Rome and Constantinople

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What a waste of life. Why is he talking about rome when his people are starving to death?

yaab, ya bogsiin doona cudurka doqonimo ragga Somaliyeed leeyihiin.


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Its still the Males fault, how cucked does a populace have to be to make their women go half way across the world for sex.It exposes a lot in the somali community.
What would you say about the revert women and the Madow women who went
Somewhere in a council estate in Britain, a Somali aabo is like:


Somewhere in the diaspora, a parent is silently jubilant thinking that her son didn't die on the mean streets, but will die as "mujahid fi sabil-lah". A thorough and comprehensive education about terrorism is required within the Somali Salafi community.

Does anyone know what became of the twin sisters from Manchester and those other Somali girls who went to Syria as jihadi brides? How about the big guy from Canada who burnt his Canadian passport and sent a threat to president Obama? I wished I could trace and interview them all.
These fucking wahabis brainwash our people.

Somalis are Ashaari/Matuuridi Shaafici madhab Muslims

Not this Saudi inspired suicide cult


Cultural revolution
Shows you which century these xoolo belong in :mugshotman:

Rome and Constanople kulaha. 6th century ass backward nigga


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Look at that darkened mouth. The nigga was probably moving gear, and when he found out hat ain't the way to success, and that he threw away his mustaqbal, he decided "f*ck it, let me eb a martyr"
That isn't the way you become a martyr.
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