British boxer Anthony Joshua and his Somali girlfriend spotted.

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@XamarCade @xisaabiye its definitly genetics
children's balls.
balls are grabbed
cup baby testicles
siblings testicles
his testicles
you can't make this stuff up, the guy loves balls, and now he's shifting his qoomo luudh tendencies towards you, be very careful
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this is some spooky Halloween shit
Idris is old and haggard looking with an ex and a baby mama to his credit. Anthony has a baby momma. :gucciwhat: Perhaps, them having money has fogged your judgement a bit. There is no need for jubilation over who they are shagging.:camby:Plus, my Eastern Cushitic senses are tingling. They are reminding me of what happened in Kenya and Tanzania to the nearly extinct Southern Cushitic groups. If they aren't from our bloodline, we won't continue to produce dimes. :manny: Luckily, this isn't widespread yet. The moment that happens, I'm joining the Oromo. They appear a tad more prideful (at the moment).
Anthony is hot and that is all that matters. he can have 10 baby mamas for all i care:manny:
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