Britain builds Military training ground in Baidoa

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Southwest state is the best friend to have in the south. Most of thier land is green, not warlike population instead they are farmers and good labourers.

Smart move by the brits.
Really why do they have the Somali flag patched on their army uniform?

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There's two flags there. It's all in the details with the colonialists.

1. Look at which flag is higher and which one is below. That signifies who has the authority.

2. The Somali flag has a gold frame, which stands for Admiralty law in international law. It means there's no constitutional law at work on land and habeas corpus has been suspended. Somalia's not a democracy, it's under special maritime jurisdiction. Whichever country it is, the head of that country's navy is in charge in Somalia, not concar, keating or morgherini.

They are minions.

Saalax Bidaar

Truthfulness so often goes with ruthlessness
Just do away with all these foreign powers except the Turks! If anyone deserves to eat it is them since they were there when Somalia was its weakest(2011 famine).

These Brits are opportunistic snakes who are up to no good.

Btw... had Galmudug done this, people would be losing their shit.
Cadmus indeed if you check the golden frame symbolizes martial law or military rule.

It is a US Army symbol, the admirality law which is different to the normal law.

Anyone's knows that military has different sets of law.

The size of the flag is to disguise and come across as a good hearted friend that is there to help.

They are helping afterall they are training part of the 18000 strong national military but they have their own 'interests'.
Somalia looks like is a 'project'.

It should not be called a country.

Soomaaliya waa mashruuc as once Beyle the current finance minister composed a song on that sentiments.
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