BREAKING NEWS - Terror in Las Vegas: People run for their lives as at least one gunman opens fire.


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3 days of back to back blessings from the religion of peace in three different western countries. Religion of peace is putting in extra work this week :z1banet: The west better open their eyes before they find their society six feet under
Okay Sam Harris :bell: don't cut yourself with all that edge:hillarybiz:


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Guys, it's cool, it's a white man! He was a lone wolf with some mental problems, he's actually a good boy! No one could have ever expected this from him! Quick, here's a picture of him smiling with his family, what a poor man!

But seriously, rest in peace to the victims. 50 dead and 400 injured, and not too long after the previous worst mass shooting in American history in Orlando roughly a year ago.
Well actually he was a nice quiet man who had an affinity for country music, and would enjoy some gambling from time to time :mjpls:

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The Oompa Loompa in the White House called him a gunman, the fucker was a terrorist.



His dad was a serial bank robber. He escaped from prison. The man had a girlfriend, more than one property and was retired. He had a lot to live for.

The best thing that can come out of this is the alt right gets labeled either a hate group or a terrorist group.

First it was Dylan Roof church shooting

Then it was Charlottesville

Now This

Don't forget the white nationalist that went to NYC to "kill a black man" and did

And the guy in Louisiana that drove around shooting at black houses and eventually killed 2 black men

The federal govt has to do something :birdman:
Oh man this hardcore trump supporter in my class was saying that this guy is a muslim convert who works for isis since isis claim the attack. Dumbass doesnt know that isis will claim anything :cryinglaughsmiley::cryinglaughsmiley: