Breaking News: Sudan is suspended from the African Union

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Well shiit greater isreal is coming if we like it or not. I feel bad for some arabs but the arabs that made it in to my i hope ya'll get enslaved list, macasonkar. Always bullying others now its ur turn. Let the fireworks comence!
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The deadly crackdown in Sudan is a direct result of the Gulf States and Egypt sending “aid” money to the Sudanese military to further deteriorate peace talks and halt the installation of a successful civilian democracy. Once again, these disgusting degenerates are meddling in the affairs of a fellow Muslim sovereign nation and actively contributing to the violence and bloodshed. Don’t forget, initially, the Sudanese revolution was a succes, and the Gulf dictatorship saw it as a threat to their own power. Read more here:
How could they do such a thing to a fellow arab?