Breaking News Galmudug and Puntland reiterate Peace Initiative in joint press conference

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HRH Duchess of Puntland, The Viscount of Garoowe
Duchess they know it is useless because I put across to you they have an objective of ruling all of Mudug eventually, they are just buying time!
So you agree that fighting will eventually start again. It's a matter of when, not if.
Duchess they have a objective in Mudug that is longterm to rule and expand their authority in all of Mudug. They know this will not happen anytime soon.

They have another objective to destabilize and get rid of the FG that is their prioritized short term goal.

They cannot do the two things at the same time as it will create enemies and valuable resources will be lost.

Their political class Haaf therefore is pushing for peace using charisma, pleas and even bribes to avert it so that all resources manpower and brains can be focused with the conflict with the FG.

Any war with Puntland would spit those resources so they prioritized and as the FG is more of a imminent threat to them they want to have peace on the Puntland front.
Bingo, thats the answer we were looking for. But unfortunately for them, this aint lower shabelle. Any Pler who sign any bogus deal needs to be locked up.
PL has become a corrupt shithole, the whole state is being built on bogus deals. The police chiefs have even got angry at the rampant corruption and ill advised actions by the governments.Only people who are getting locked up are journalists.
It pains me to see what my great uncles police force is being turned into an innefective system.
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