Breaking: Garowe talks fail


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The talks failed. I guess the international community will step up to break this impasse. Kampala accord 2.0 will commence.


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Decentralized power is the best bet to fight corruption, this way if a corrupt leaders are elected then atleast not the whole nation will suffer.
The federal states 'leaders' are looking to extend their terms and continue eating from the handouts given from the west. Here are the facts on the ground regarding two of the federal 'leaders' who had the most to say after the conference
Madoobe has an election coming up in a couple of months and one of the reasons behind his frustrations is that the FGS wouldn't agree to allowing a term extension since there has been no progress in his state and the security situation has not improved.
And then their is Xaaf who doesn't have a functioning state at this time due to their being other people in the region who have declared themselves presidents. Along with the fact that the Leader of parliament in his administration as well as the vice-president are openly against him.
These two men are looking for term extensions and taking away power from the federal parliament and thus making the country a confederacy rather than a true federal system. All of these facts added with the interests of foreign nations backing some of the vitriol aimed at the FGS. Namely from the UAE and Kenya, it was obvious that there would be limited if any compromises made.
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Let me tell you what the whole fuss is all about. Farmaajo and co do not want to announce the next FGS elections unless they know that Xaaf and Madoobe hold their state elections before the FGS elections. Xaaf and Madoobe, knowing the interference that happened to Hirshabelle and southwest, do not want announce their state elections unless they know when the FGS elections happen so they can adjust and counter the FGS. That's why out of all the federal state presidents only Xaaf and Madoobe were angry.

The entire politics in the south evolves around extensions. They're so simple minded, so childish. That's why I look down on them, salaantana kama qaado nacalaa abuuk yaa southies
Farmaajo wants to place yes men like lafta gareen in each maamul state so he can be re-elected.

not happening.

When madoobe and xaaf are elected again, you can bet farmaajo will NOT be re-elected.

This is all about him trying to secure another 4 years.
Who's to blame for this failure of epic proportions?! The future of the nation is at stake and the so called "President & PM" of Soomalia couldn't set aside their huge egos and propound a fitting solutions that convince Federal member states. Instead, Xaarmaajo and his in-law are so self centered that they couldn't even RESPECT propositions set forth by the FMS.

Xaarmaajo and his boyfriend should be impeached immediately.
kheyre is farmajo's in law?