Breaking: Death sentences handed down in the Aisha case


Engineer of Qandala
Cautiously optimistic, I think we had a recent sentence like this for a similar case and it was overturned once the subclan money got to the judge.:mjkkk:
What killing them gonna do they could pray for forgiveness and make it to Jannah they should've handed out life sentences that would have been way harsher


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This case will serve as an example to other potential rapists and murderers. We need more forensic labs and local police/hospitals need to be trained on how to preserve evidence.

I also urge Puntland's Govt, to collect DNA samples of all citizens if they want an ID card. NO fingerprint-NO ID>

For example, in Saudi Arabia your SIM card is connected to your ID card. You can't just walk around with a random phone number without registering.

We need to get serious about security.


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