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Brawl ERUPTS at Jewish event held at Toronto's York University (how many Somalis were there?)


I thought anti-Zionism movement was against Israel and not Jews, why are they at a Jewish event?
Israel is the only country I recognize, Palestine is a fake country created by the Arab League in order to destabilize Israel.

Prior to the 1967 war, the whole of the West Bank was under Jordan & the whole of Gazza under Egypt. If Arabs cared about the notion of a Palestine State, they could have united both regions and without any Jewish settlements and the whole of Jerusalem created a sovereign Palestinian State. That wasn’t their vision, their agenda was to destroy Israel, kill and murder every Jew living there. That made the Israelis resilient and fight back and finally succeeded. It was a failed Arab nationalism project. The Palestinians were used and exploited by their fellow Arab brothers and since every Arab leader now wants to be on the good side of the Israelis, the Palestinians would be better off joining Israel.

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