Bosaso gets new police station and police cars Thankful to new Government

Listen how President Deni listened to people of his home city.

All the soldiers and police have been send for reeducation and training.

Now police stations and cars have been given to different police stations.

Alhamdulillah we are on the road to recovery.

Much neglected Bosaaao. It did not have a chance.

Gaalkacyo district had one police vehicle!

Under President Faroole it had close to 10!

What happened to the cars? The Gaalkacyo commander had to take a bajaaj (tuk tuk).

This is what we are recovering from!
McKenzie for lack of other creative words.

Those are Madowweyne elders. Bosaaaso is sort of home for them. It is a cosmopolitan town and they are treated humanely.