Bosaso - 21st Century Voodoo

Do you guys know jinn, magic, witchcraft, voodoo and all that is superstition? this developed due to ignorance. These people are mentally un-well, not possessed by anything.

It is well known the more a society is developed, the less they start to believe in superstition. Dark age europe used to do these things we see in Somalia today 500 years ago, this shows u how backwards we still are. You can predict countries IQ by the prevalence of superstitution. Ironically the poorer the society the more these sorts of thing are promoted. Damn we got a long way to go, the secular revolution needs to come and just start :gunsmiley:

How can u be a government of rationality yet tolerate this. This is a violation of a knowledge first society. I noticed this sort of stuff less in Mogadishu I must admit, it was there but not as prevalent as it is in PL, maybe urban mogadishu is smarter. I must start my revolution where the IQ is higher, I will probably live in Mogadishu in all honesty. I don't even see this shit in Hargeisa either. I do in BURCO tho which proves lesser IQ
@GemState Keep up your sufi shit it is more progressive then this shit, they say u worship saints but that is better then believing people have supernatural powers to do magic, evil eye, and jinns. This is not real islam as the real islam teach no man has power over another man let alone supernatural power wtf lol. Damn wahabists it has penetrated PL deeply. All illness are due to natural reasons not someone has the power to harm you thru witch-craft lol

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Sixir and jins are very real, it is like racism if you didn't experience it you might think it doesn't exist. Until it finds you and you suffer from it. Personally i have witnessed enough cases of sixir and jins to know a 100% that it is indeed real.

If you don't believe in it for whatever reason, please refrain from bashing the religion since no one has actually debunked islam. Many tried no one succeeded.