BOHOL I’m confused inaadeer! Is madman Coldoon in hiding in Burco?

Grigori Rasputin

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is the man being being hunted or is he walking around freely?

Homes are getting raided I’ve gears.

@Bohol i do not support this fella. You do understand that for a huge part of his life he was chained due to mental collapse. Apparently the guy has bouts of mental illness.

His criticism of SL is legit, however, the idiot is a supporter of an incompetent government of 4 sq miles of Mogadishu.

I am for all criticism of all the incompetent rulers of Somalia 13 different fiefdoms. In my eyes they are lowlives. There’s no one region of Somalia where I can say is patriotic and is on a righteous path.

Colton is a cherry picker. He is being egged on by the enemies of SL, his own people.
Coldoon is a good man being persecuted. I disagree with his seevices at Sangub memorial but thats not even the reason he is being punished.

Jeegan government is jailing him for being a prominent unionist journalist while XaarSanGali are free to take down the JSL flag and raise PL flag, and allegedly smuggle guns to HJ/HY brothers fighting each other, and host real officials of the Amisom government


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