#Bluelivesmatter #Alllivesmatter


A dagestani wife
Wallahi, we live in cursed times.... how can you just shoot people like that... Animals.

Somalis From America wallahi that country is going down. protect yourself and mind your own business.

Youths work hard and make your parents proud, don't waste their time, efforts and their life sacrifice for you to have a better life than them by associating yourself with degenerated losing the Dunia and your soul missing Jannah.
May Allah protect us from going astray.

BLM is a terrorist organisation. Blacks remind me of jews a lot when finally they are not oppressed they became the oppressors.

Wallahi more and more I lose hope in humanity. May Allah help Muslims ummah

What do you think about the injustice faced by African Americans from the Police. Do you have any sympathy for them?

Where in the US are you from?


I dont recall
It's a shame to see average black people who stands for something getting their efforts hijacked and essentially becoming for footsoldiers for BLM which stands for Black Lesbians Matter

Btw shoutout to the guy who bodied the two cops in Compton. More of that and less of that gang violence
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