BLM have a message for whites, arabs, somalis and asians


‎كن التغير الذي تريد أن تراه في العالم
Blacks are racist against other Blacks, West Africans look down on AA's and call them slurs as well, Idk what OP or delusional AA's are trying to prove?
madow isn’t even a racist insult. These coons are getting hella sensitive and getting caught up in the feelings. If I wanted to be racist I’d say Adoon or bariya :russ: :sass2:
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I noticed there’s a lot of those account what are they about?:ayaanswag:
Divest from Black men Twitter. They believe they’ll only get treated as mules; basically looking out for their own self-interest and dating outside their race. LOL
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It's all so tiresome
madow is a descriptive nickname we use just like everything else we name.

Most our subclans and locations are all nicknames.