Blackout In Berlin Just One Week After Germany Closed Down 3 Nuclear Plants With Plans To Close All Nuclear Plants By The End Of 2022!

Nuclear power plants are safe and good sources of energy, contrary to popular belief.

Nuclear fusion will come along and produce something greater once they achieve a net positive output compared to the fed energy. They have to increase the heating capacity and develop better magnetic field inhibitors as well. South Korea not long ago broke the record by holding plasma up for 30 seconds. They try to replicate the sun's functionality by combining atoms causing reactions pushing temperature to 100 million °C.


Retarded ass move.
They did the same shit in Sweden and the electricity prices went up by 400%

They been playing this carbon game as a ruse to tax for the dumbest reasons. Like how can the gov collect more taxes than ever and end up in deeper and deeper deficits, despite so many welfare cuts everywhere.

Sounds like American style corruption to me.


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The great reset adopting unreliable solar energy; they're building back better baby!

The deeply unserious German Greens are actually in government and have over 100 seats from what I recall. What a joke. It's all downhill from here for Europe's powerhouse.