Black woman puts period blood in her husband's food.

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These females here are more disgusted although they are the ones who be leaking monthly :mjlol:


I think it comes from Caribbean Obiah majick. I read a novel once that mentioned it. It's like how African so-called sorcerers use hair and nails to perform 'love potions', these ppl use blood too. It's a socery to keep a man-slave for a husband, bc if he eats your period blood with a sprinkle of abracadabra and some ritual shaking or whatever, the spirits will cause him to obey you :mjlol:

My mom believes in this stuff, but she believes it of men. She has told me there are Somali men who go Sudanis and some witch sorcerers to sihir Somali girls, and to be careful.
where does it say she put "period blood"? all i see is she put blood in the spaghetti, no mention of the source of blood or type of blood. OP, you suck!!!
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