Black man speaks better somali then.

Your acting as if he is a pure blooded Somali :childplease: for him to speak perfect af Somali :drakewtf: besides the Somali language, he speaks more then a dozen other languages too, you think af Somali is something special there are out there professional language specialists who probably speak even better af somali then the people back in the motherland if you can believe that.
I'm well aware of who this guy is lkn the thread is titled "black man speaks better somali than" I've watched the video and it's not that great compared to the somali guy and if he were to go to Somalia people would be able to tell he is struggling with the Somali language.

I'm not doubting that there are professional language specialists who speak better somali than some
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You are 1 or 2 steps away from inaa darkhaad inaa digtiid like some of the people on this forum, xalimo this xalimo that you need some time of from this forum, it's not real life!
You do know that foreigners do not get away with talking shit and neither would these fuckers in real life