Black Hawk Down Part Two - Baqti Jiidka labaad

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Shamis is fricken delusional and bi polar as hell
She said this now
Shamis said:
Supporting them doing a good job on those fufu sanweyne. Do I have to live in constant condemnation? What for? Who for? Hell yeah I support Al Shabaab when they hit the right target. These don't give f*ck about Somalia, they shoot our families and they need to be taught a lesson.

before she said
. Shamis said:
Why do you think the Bantu Ugandans are rpaing women? To leave a trace of their blood - the other Bantus are breeding like crazy to take over and now they're using Shabaab as a cover to bring more of them in from Kenya and Tanzania. This is crazy shit - soon we'll have to move to Ethiopia to find people who look and sound like us but that will play into the Bantu's card of claiming that we're all Ethiopians who moved into Bantu lands when they're the from Congo and Tanzania.

yet she supports Al shabaab Amazing!![/QUOTE]


How do I support Al Shabaab? Didn't I just say that I don't support them when they target Somalis? And how do those two quotes contradict each other? You can call me whatever you want, I could not give a flying eff what three internet addicted cayr dependents think of me. I hope you all get blown up in an Al Qaeda attack.
I'd help satan himself if he was out to wipe out the African soldiers one a time. I wish more death and destruction on these African mercenaries.
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