Black African men doing Black Magic on Somali girls on marriage apps.


Uk är miskeen negrer
The only reason blacks are obsessed with her and consider her as feminine and epitome of beauty is because whites gave her a bit of attention. And lupita is friends with a white actor/musician. But she is extremely average looking when you look at her and study her features.
I really dont see anything appealing about her wallahi
Just loook at her her hair :patrice:

Sixir is obviously real and the world of Jinn is not something to be joked. Someone used black magic on my mother back in Somalia, so I know the severity of it.

However this doesn't mean that most black men use sixir on our Somali sisters. We all know they are mostly attracted to West African/Jamaican men, and there's nothing wrong with that in my eyes. Everyone has their own preference.

What annoys me though, is that a lot of Somali women have to find an excuse if a marriage doesn't go the right way. It's either sixir or they were forced in to making bad decisions etc. You have to own up to your mistakes. Sixir is not something an average black man has access to, it's very limited that's why most gaalo's don't know about it.
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These Somali women and madow relationships don't last. My mom told me countless stories of Somali women married to madow and the madow man ended up leaving and been disrespected by the madow man's family. She even told me about one Somali girl who was with a madow man and his female relatives jumped her and took her kid from her. This all happened in the middle of the street.