Biracial Somalis in Europe and North America

What percentage of diaspora Somalis are mixed?

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I see mixed Somali kids all the time and I was wondering if anyone can put a number on how many mixed Somalis there are. I heard in Norway it's something like 1 in 10 or greater. I myself know a bunch of mixed people. Maybe list how many mixed Somalis you know and we'll add it up as a sample.
Well, a lot. Out of my 8 aunts 3 married non-Somalis. Then my uncle did too
Sone cousins went on to marry non Somalis too
So there's a lot out there :dabcasar:


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I also have biracial cousins and I know a ton of adults that are biracial (Italian and Arab) and some with biracial kids (white, calibeesten (yuck), Filipino etc.)
Nigga take this L. What's so yuck about calibesteen? Latina mamis are HOOOT. I want to move to California just for them :banderas:

It's very easy to tell what a Somali is mixed with.

If half Somalis are adults = Half Italian/Arab

If they're kids = Half White AA or Filipino


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In my family (i mean everything including 3rd cousins) for the last 400 years we have 2 biracial members.

That is my uncle who married an Indonesian and my awoowe from my moms side who married hawiye.

Other than that we kept it clean.
There are a lot of mixed somali children here were i live, mostly their somali father is out of the picture and they dont know anything about their culture and language lol

But i have cousin whos mother is somali and she knows the language and is pretty much as somali as we are
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