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So I like what he said that makes me a kafir miyaa? I've been called a qabiliste, been claimed by ten different qabils. People of SSPOT fail to amuse me. I hate Wahhabi goatfuckers who fucked up Islam. If that makes me a kafir to you then I'm kafir nacalaa. And I don't believe in evolution cos we wuz not monkeys.
Yea that's exactly what makes you a kaffir :drakewtf:
The more you type the more similarities I see with another account :hmm:
I was wrong about him being Hawiye. Way too deceptive. He is a gaal tho.
You do know its Haram to claim takfir on an actual muslim unless you have substantial evidence right ?

There are certain guidelines as to whether a person can be called out as a gaal or not.

Stop fooling around this is not a trolling/laughing matter...
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