Best looking halimo in TikTok

What about reer Burco? I heard there women are dimes and they don't bleach

Yes reer Burco are more natural but their skin tone is mostly brown not light skinned. I personally prefer Burco ladies over Hargeisa where bleaching is rampant.
She looks just like that one guy who gives street interviews but like a female version

I wonder if they’re siblings?


"You are your best thing"
I have lost count of the amount of light skinned Cabuudwaaq girls I saw in the diaspora. So some groups have more natural light skinned girls while others have to bleach :lol: . It is used by everyone but it is mostly FOBs that upload videos :lol: .
You could be onto something my dad side of the family is from cabuudwaaq and my aunts are all light skin but my uncles and dad are normal to darker skinned toned.


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she would break sxb.:drakelaugh:

laakiin this one camal hadaad gidaarka la dhacdo waa nimcatul fushuuq to quote reer xamar folks.:lolbron:
:yloezpe: You are a twig, mon ami. Destined to get steam rolled by a heavy log and die from asphyxiation Kkkk

Especially by the way you're going. :mjlol: