Best book you've ever read ?

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While I don't have a favourite book, I'm currently reading The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver which I recommend. Flowers for Algernon, Room, The Alchemist, Gone Girl & Half of a Yellow Sun aren't bad either.


Somaliweyn Unionist
The Quran and The Bible

Any historical book on Somalia post-colonisation.

The Prince by Machiavelli

I'm a huge sucker for fantasy romances so if you're into that I can give you a ton of recommendations.

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

And any books or journals that deal with the abiogenesis vs biohenesis argument


48 laws of power was good book but it makes you paranoid and sceptical had me thinking why did my friend meet me on a Monday is he trynna set me up or something, this book will make you a snake


child of afgooye
the only book ive ever completed was that steve jobs biography, i usually hate reading but that book got me hooked its really inspirational

Merchant of Mogadishu

From Pella to Pattala, then back to Babylon
I'm currently reading The Wars of Alexander's Successors 323 - 281 BC: Commanders and Campaigns v. 1 by Bob Bennett and Mike Roberts.

Its really interesting because not many people know what happened after Alexander died. What happened after he died is just as fascinating or even more than whilst he was alive. Also, its kinda like GoT if you like that.
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