Beesha NBA why do you hate on PL

Sheikh Kulkuli

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Please give me valid tangible reasons.Please dont bring the Dollow issue because its Baldie that gave it to reer PL.

The war between us ended when AY captured Xamar.

So give me valid reasons dont come up with 20 years old stories like Morgan.That old man is in hurlingham mosque Nairobi doing his istighfar.
@Ferrari you sure my guy is OG? :damedamn:

i am not so sure, he claims to be patriot aka django from somnet but i think he is sheegat, patriot was nasaba dn would defend OG interest

we questioned him and claims to be reer camir

but i am not so sure, meantime we keep an eye on him

patriot used to send me messages, on somnet, this guy is rather fishy

lets keep an eye out for him,

django, what is your beef and what do you claim my people, what are you? 1door? MJ? marehan?

sorry but we do not trust you, too many sheegats in this forum,


Medical specialist in diagnosing Majeerteentitis
Is this the Patriot from somnet, the siju cagdheer?
Is this the Patriot from somnet, the siju cagdheer?

patriot is not sijui, he is reer waamo,

this dude in here mr D we have no idea, he could not answer basic questions, we are keeping an eye on him, till he sends a copy of His Ogaden Council membership card he is not to be counted as one of our own,


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