Beeraha Garowe

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Mashallah. Not bragging but #Puntland Kudayo.
mashallah I love this, but I wish our youth focused on farming instead of just going for higher education like doctors etc we can't just let koonfur ppl work on the farms. Nothing wrong with farming, or doing low tier jobs in fact they are what builds up a country.

We need the government to support local farmers, promote self sufficiency less imports from South Somalia and Ethiopia.


Many locals don't know that farming creates opportunities to lift the people out of poverty. this is where the government needs to step in and raise awareness. We need local blacksmiths to build farming equipments. The diaspora should also take part in investing in food processing plants, transportation to deliver the goods and manufacturing companies as well.

@GBTarmy, people back home are too proud to get their hands dirty.
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