Becky accuses UK geeljire uber driver of sexual assault

If they want to accuse this innocent man, at least get his ethnicity right.

They want to pass "selam" as Somali. Do they think I'm stupid?


No dictator can imprison a population forever.
Somali women on twitter are trash as usual. Uber drivers i know usually get cameras in their car for this very reason.

example. These guys are hardworking and have to pick up some of the dregs of society. These drunk white skanks are the worst



Retarded Twitter conversation. They really said, “White women tears” because she’s White. What?

I’m inclined to believe her as I am any woman who says she was assaulted, and there’s nothing wrong with her warning other women.


Even the white girl didn't menion he was Somali. Only the Twitter xalimos with an agenda are going along with him being Somali.
The girl asked the “white women tears” retard how s(he) knows he didn’t, not that he’s Somali. Moreover, he does look Somali so ppl confusing him for one isn’t the strangest thing that could happen.

Why do you guys always defend shady filth?
Innocent until proven guilty. Im wary of anyone who runs to social media with these stuff. A lot of women make up lies on social media to ruin a guys life


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