Beautiful Somali Girls Do The Somali-Challenge (which one is the pengest)

Whos the Cutest

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El padrone

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look at the far right xaliimo! :lawd:

shes my type of woman, natural mariin color, culturaled, no xishood(shes not hiding her beautiful smile), bit aggressive (takes innitiative), bold, intelligent, thicc and so on.

Look at her skills from 4:22-4:25. :ahhhh:

PS: the two others who voted her, BACK OFF SHES MINE
I actually meant the one on the far right.
This is the second time you accuse me of having low standards and you might be right.
I need help man how can I have high standards?
Get on NOFAP you won't be as thirsty. The more you watch **** the lower your standards.
Also view yourself as kangly. The higher you value yourself the higher your standards.
Take notes from your Senpai :vanlf9a::nvjpqts:
Not open for further replies.