Be honest, do you think 30 yr old faraaxs who are single are pathetic?

No. A faraax who has accomplished nothing and who is not working towards anything is pathetic. A 30 year old bachelor is fine in 2021.
It depends really..As long as the person is actively looking to settle and not just settling for the sake of settling. But agreed 30 is old and would recommend seriously men to settle right after uni as long as you have a stable job.
30s is probably the best time to get married and have kids for both sexes. You're not as immature, young and un-lived as someone in their 20s but not pushing middle-aged like in your 40s. Great middle ground age range. Any kids you have in your 30s are still good age difference wise. If you keep yourself robust and live to at least 80-90 like many of my own ancestors then your kids will be in their 50s to 60s when you pass away. That's more than enough time with them and you're likely to have met all of your grandkids before it's your time.


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No. I think a lot of people forget that 30's is still young. You don't suddenly become an old man/woman the second you pass your 29th birthday.
If anything its around the ideal age to get married. You are out of the buuq and chaos of your 20s and more than likely are educated and financial security. I personally don't see the point of getting married in your early 20s. 20s are for baashal and growing as a person, not out here trying to settle down.