Basra’s first friend

In the far east obscure lands of Sahara desert Somalia, lives a 15 years old girl with a heart of a lion. Her tiny body is beside the point, it is what roars inside her, her large heart that is felt across villages, and hills. She was slightly a boy, slightly a girl, but definitely wholly a gifted child. Her potentials was not yet known by her Majeerten family. Nor her abgaal mother ever had a clue on the gift of her middle child. Her favorite hobbies was soccer, wearing her favorite soccer superstar T-shirt. On her 16th birthday, a special monumental thing was supposed to happen. The angels in heavens were summoned to discuss the future of this precious little girl. After careful, search and research, the Angel Basra was chosen to go down to earth and help this special girl to become a gifted Jiini!

"Her Jiini name shall be ! @Ebuo , said the Chief- Tess Angel" (Wink Wink)

Basra dutifully nodded her head to accept her mission.

"If you fail this mission, you shall be punished and turned into a lower entity- A Jiini! Now go sweet Angel, and guide the child into her future @Destiny (Wink Wink) Angel Basra was commanded, as she curtsy-ied, and flew away like a fairy!

Little child @Hals played with her cat, on a fine cold sunny snowy day. She was totally clueless as the visitor she was going to encounter soon, through her bedroom window, like an unannounced vampire. The cat began feeling cold, and withdrawn, no doubt she was able to sense the wind caused by the wings of Angel Basra as she was descending down to their home with a speed of light. Hals neighbor, a loud MJ middle age man name @Cawar (wink wink) dropped his Macaawiis as the wind blew his side. The chap began to curse, as he didn't wear any underwear, but fortunately he was over weight, and therefore, his private parts practically remain hidden under his great intestines. Hals wore a cute pink Pajamas, designed by famous Fashionista & tom boy sporty @Asli . She was caressing the little kitten when a thunderous voice shouted at her at her bedroom window, next to her bed!

"Behold Child! Behold Child! I am Angel Basra of Nasareth! A dominion so far from here, you will never be able to compute! STAND UP CHILD! DO NOT BE AFRAID! "

@Hals dropped her kitten, screamed out as loud as she could to the foreign creature above her, with white wings as large her room, blinding her with a ferocious bright light!

"Oh tis a @Revolutionary. Oh tis a @Revolutionary. ! Oh HELP ME! HELP ME! cried @Hals with all her child might!!!!! (Wink Wink)

Meanwhile @Hals Abgaal Aunty @Kulmiye came rushing upstairs upon hearing the little girls shouting noise! (Wink Wink)
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