Bari: The Birthplace of Buranbur

Miingis is the origin of Buranbur..

I've noticed Reer Bari have several dances that seem like variations of Buranbur but other regions do not. The story is that it travelled South with the Reer Bari merchant families and later on was adopted by other Somalis.

This might share a common ancestors wid buranbur

What are the Fiqi Buraale spirits?
Fiqi are sufis . I'm fiqi Mohammed from surrre clan from east galmudug. Fiqi people qre known to Mastered shafi madhab. Majority of fiqi are sufi origin. Probably was a sufi thing for women. Coz dhanto is done in my tuulo but religious version



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What are the Fiqi Buraale spirits?
I don't know much, but I heard that one of the kings(forgot his name) in the Bari region used to assist spirits through this family called Fiqi Buraale(Dunno if they were from that region or somewhere else)

Many Somalis wouldn't dare to mess with him/that family out of fear that they would get possessed by those so-called Fuquburaale spirits.


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