Barclays Premier League Thread 15/16

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Spuds are the original bottlers. Walahi Assanal owns them. Th3y can have 20 points lead on Assanal and find a way to bottle it.:chrisfreshhah::dead::deadmanny::deadosama:

bro what did i say. im out here like :dance::dance::dance: on my brother who's a spurs fan. fam peep this

yall talk about arsenal being bottlers, spurs are the #1 serial bottlers of all time. they couldn't finish above arsenal even if they had a 10 point lead going into the final day

i made a bet with my brother who's a spuds fan that wallahi billahi oo tollahi yall niggas aint winning the title. it's just physically impossible while arsenal are still in this league :lolbron: . as high as the stakes are for me, i'm not even this slightest bit worried :mjlaugh:

gonna be roasting his ass for months


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10 men scored 3 goals on them:cryinglaughsmiley:
We have the best defense they said:mjlol:
Lloris will win the Golden Glove they said:mjlol:
We aren't bottlers they said:mjlol:

Shoutout to them ni99as back in January who said Spuds will find a way to bottle it.:denzelnigga:


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Walahi I dont think Spurs will live this one down. Ever. This is their BEST ever season and Arsena's worst season in years, and yet they still finish below Arsenal. This proves to me that Arsenal totally owns them.


Wtf happen to spurs. Bunch of idiots. I cannot keep on defending these fools.


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>losing to a relegated team on the last day

>all u had to do was draw

>conceding 5 goals to 10 men

>conceding 5 goals to the team that couldnt score against Aston Villa

>losing to the only team that couldnt beat Aston Villa

>finishing third despite being in a 2 horse race all season

>finishing below arsenal despite having your best season in decades

> tottenham hotspur
Happy St Totteringham's day to my fellow Gooners on SS and everywhere else.

Let's all laugh at the spuds.:chrisfreshhah:

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