Barclays Premier League Thread 15/16

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ajax lifting that trophy on the final day is going to be great:chrisfreshhah:

Please continue with the oohin :feedme:

We share the first spot, Ajax has only 5 goals more than us. They received easy penalties in the last two matches. This weekend we have to play a team at the bottom. Its gonna be a goal feast. Ajax is receiving Hakim Ziyech :banderas:


Fuking Yids :pacspit: :chrisfreshhah:
Thank you Pulis:denzelnigga:
Great Monday. :rejoice:

Couldn't even score on West Brom needed an own goal to salvage a point.:mjlol:

Alli will probably be suspended for the punch he threw at Jacob.:dance:


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I left when it was 1-0 to Spurs. Came back at FT expecting Spurs battered them 4-0 but saw the utter jubilation and meltdown on Twitter and I see the football god that is Tony Pulis have pulled a 1-1 result out of the bag.



enjoy thursday nights

Is adkee bruh we lost the title on the last day to our noisy little brother you ain't have it as bad as us.:lol:

Europa :ahh::banderas: Can't wait brodie.


We had a good chance today and bottled it.:snoop:

Saints beating Citeh 2-0:banderas:

First time ever I'll be rooting for Assanal next weekend.:browtf:
After speaking ill of my team this whole time you wanted us to do y'all a favor?:sheed: :camby:
It's over ninyow you haven't won at the library in 26 years. Title belongs to Leicester. :dj:

City are getting massacred at St. Marry atm. 2 wins from today and your game in hand in midweek would've put you 4th ahead of City by the weekend.
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