Barclays Premier League Thread 15/16

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Here Leicester go again

Leicester are amazing, they are playing like champions.:qri8gs7:

I hope they win.. I can't bare seeing the Spuds win the league(just the thought of it is sickening)


Timbo goes off injured Alli scores :pacspit: The fuker was non existent. They had nothing going on the right side and when Darmian comes on they take advantage.

Young as a ST:mjkkk: Lingard as 10 Mata as a winger :pachah1:

Mata has been :trash:
Lingard :trash:
Yet they both played huge minutes.

LVG was a Spuds fan growing up. No wonder them goals came in that quick. He gave the green light.:pacspit:

2 more months of this kalab just 2 more months.


How many points were Liverpool behind Man U when I said Liverpool would finish
would finish above em?:russsmug:
2-0 up Carroll happened on you.:camby:
From wait til we get Sanchez, Welbeck we'll win the league to being behind 13 points meel naga'll be doing this like Ozil in the future
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