Barclays Premier League Thread 15/16

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inshallah sxb. noo soo duceey


They emptied the ground at 77th minute cause of high ticket prices. Should've just stood behind their boys in this one.:lol:

@Tramo Don't rely on this Loserpool team ever again.
Yaya walks around the pitch for 50+ minutes and still calacaling about not winning African player of the year.:pachah1:

Another important win for Spurs upto 2nd, 5 points behind LC with 39 points left to play for until the end of the season. The title is clearly within the reach.

@Tramo @Gambit mind the fucking gap:camby::diddyswag:


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Why can't Walcott play like Mahrez?

Mahrez got 15 goals and 10 assists in the Premier League as a winger..

10 years at Arsenal and Walcott still can't dribble, can't hold the ball up, is offside 20 times a game, whilst Mahrez put Fernandinho on his ass and sent Otamendi on holiday to Argentina and scored with his weaker foot.
otamendi and mangala are absolute fukkin qashin.

and to think, we was gonne get mangala. :eminemdamn:

Zouma :deargod::deargod::deargod:and quite possibly miazga once he settles into the team and league. :jcoleno:

Stones :hova: 50 mill too. :hova:

but do realize that if leicester city wins the league and makes it to the CL...its gonna be bad for england cuz they are going to get absolutely wrecked in the CL. Which means, england's co-efficient will go down further than what it is already.

but hey, hats off to em if they make it to may as champs. :ehh:


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Pellegrini intentionally sabotaged his line up. Toure was playing as a number 10 which failed miserably and why would he put in the 45 year old Zabaleta? Mahrez was having a field dat with Delph and Kolarov. I am telling you Pelegrini wants to leave a shitty citeh to Guardiola. He should make sure they end up 5th. Just when the huge and lucrative tv rights kick in they wanna appoint a new coach :camby:


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Man Utd have improved lately. Better team today.

But what's the point of Fellaini though? Walahi I don't understand. What a pointless footballer.
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