Baraawe port could change Somali internal geopolitics


If a Port is built in Baraawe we might see the emancipation of the raxanweyn and southern dir and the end of al shabaab. For the jubaland project will it still work if SWS draws its border just past the West Bank of the Juba river? And for Hawiye and Mogadishu port we’ll see a huge reduction in wealth and power as they’ll lose the control of the raxanweyn and southern dir population.
If mukhtar robow is released and SWS is allowed to form itself then a juggernaut is on the rise.
Yhh but that’s by force. I’m talking if racanweyn and southern dir come out of hawiye vassalage.
its too late, Hawiye are already recognized in KG state (and in Baraawe), they have mps, ministers and also representatives in gole deegaan of Baraawe.