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The Fula are leaders in many West African countries. These include the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari; the President of Senegal, Macky Sall; the President of Gambia, Adama Barrow; the Vice President of Sierra Leone, Dr.Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh; and the Prime Minister of Mali, Dr.Boubou Cisse. They are also leaders in international institutions, such as the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Amina J. Mohammed; President-Elect of the United Nations General Assembly, Dr.Tijjani Muhammad-Bande; and the Secretary General of OPEC, Mohammed Sanusi Barkindo.
The Fula are carrying dead weight like we carry dead weight in Ethiopia and Kenya. We need to create nation states based on pastoralism while keeping farmers in separate nation. Pastoralists will be the SECURITY of each region or it's Manufacturer. That's how it should be pastoralist doing the security work and farmers GETTING TO WORK. We complement each other if we work together on reationality not colonial nonsense. They even divided the Fulani 10 countries fuckin english cunts MASEER AYAA HAAYAY
West Africa powerhouse Fulani state
North Africa Powerhouse Sudan. Full of pastoralists. Unite them quickly, they don't have much difference but those north sudanese are similar to egyptians, very weak and docile people so maybe add them to EGYPT. Not the eastern sudan with Beja and South sudanese can run the place. I am not sure about DARFUR maybe them also.
East Africa Somali in one big nation just camel herders. Settler nations like jabuti/somaliland one nation. Farmers in one nation.

Rwanda the top dog in Bantu Africa the TUTSI

We can then form our own african security forum and we be member states. While being with the A.U as member states. We can't control Ethiopia it's big civilization niyahow, it's ridiculous the prophet promised them a nation, just ensure TIGRAY rules them and Eritrea who is PRO ISLAM while Amhara is jealous and Sided with Israel. So forget conquering Ethiopia that's why we kept probably failing
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The AU needs to be in Ethiopia. They are biggest impact in the world history. Sudan also had that nubia thing but nothing like Ethiopia, even the prophet was impressed. Lets be real WE DESTROYED NUBIA AND EGYPT...I THINK NOTHING WILL LAST BUT ETHIOPIA, THE PROPHET BLESSED IT.

We need to take back OUR YEMEN. They have identical culture to us, they belong here not with those dumb arabs, prophet blessed them too so it's good idea to bring them back. I mean the south yemenis not north ones their saudis. They are like our little greece ethiopia wouldn't of been without them. But we must not treat them the same way as western europeans treat greek.

It was either Kush when it fell or south yemenis that found ethiopia. Or maybe both who knows
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We need to speed it up the union of pastoralist cooperation regardless of religion or tribe, we share a common origin and have common problems with farmers. We need to have our own security zone separate from ethiopia who can be the political capital of africa. But security committee is only pastoralist nations. If we divide up africa well economiclly farmers do the manufacturing, service sector, etc not like INDIA in one place we can last for long time. We are same population as India and have a whole continent to ourselves. We just need to ensure each class is doing what is appropriate so we bounce of each other like historically we did. Farmers did the farming the pastoralist were the security perimeter. In other words the farmers are going to be the bulk of the economy and middle class, the pastoralists are going to the security ARM dealing with all security matters of the continent.

We need to have loud say on the politics too and less farmers they are not bright on these matters no matter where in the world u go except CHINA. There must not be a single point of collapse in the continent by spreading it OUT each focusing on his target industry.

Before any country decides WAR is the option. We need China and Russia to mediatate
We need to place our sanduq of gold in the top dog yard where noone enters. Russia other african nations need to do the same. Just built up your sanduq. Eventually when Europe tanks, re-design their borders in the same fashion they did for Africa, by then we will have big say in the UN. Keep them there bickering back n forth between english vs french in the same border lol over tomatos.

Put those celts back into one border no unified leader, culture differences, poverty lol. Germanic people same thing. Northern european same thing. Just step away. I doubt anyone in the world wud reject, after all they dont have a history to begin with to PROTECT. Oh with the Irish split em two ways their rowdy but not that ROWDY to be split 10 ways. Protestant n catholic. 95% of the ppl in jewish controlled europe and america spend their whole lives just putting a roof over their head. Achieved nothing at all, a slave population weeye. That means they really nothing to leave nothing of lasting impact and can be recycled continously in the same process. Their whole life dream is I OWN MY HOME. Yaab. Talk about jewish mind f*ck

The home isn't even gold, it's made of bricks and wood. Cheap commodities that are worthless, jewish ppl sxb are something else
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They wouldn't dare to come to us in Somalia and offer us such a thing as you will have a house and make that the STANDARD bearer of the population. They wud put a bullet in his forehead and they know it, they hate nomadic people look how they settle the bedouins and promise them BIG THINGS
Look how they invited SL to Guinea, prolly a jew working the background. They think somalis stupid and will split into two foreign camps and kill each other like arabs. U got another thing coming BOY. Africa is easy issue to unite on common ground, stay out of their affairs. They only have Djibouti so far and China is there. Once Africa all aligns to China and Russia, they will be asked to vacate Djibouti thru a consensus at the AU as it's not wise for africa direction to have such colonials anymore. I know sub sahara africa is going towards china sphere which automatically means Russia also as they are the security innovators.

I hope Turkey takes over north africa up untill syria and lebanon their old stomping grounds and focuses back on it's eastern european project. Iran takes Iraq as their one really Persia empire. We don't need a war with Shia, don't be fooled by these jew agents in riyadh. Let Persia take back their gulf islands also, their just waste of space runti and paper based governments. Saudi needs to go back to Hijazi under the Ottomans again not the NAJD. Begin slowly removing this short history of SAUD from their minds as a bad era of jewish control. Even the Persians were screwed up and divided into so many smaller states it's a joke.
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@DR OSMAN the Igbos are rich people, they might not be natural leaders and warriors like the Fulani-Hausa who bully them but they are very useful as pets. Thats why the Northern Muslims force them to stay as part of Nigeria instead of granting them independence.

Many Christian Igbo/Yoruba diaspora kids in the West have a strong hatred for Muslims due to the bullying they face from the powerful Muslims of Nigeria. @Armadillo