*back like I never left* (LOL)

Should I make a thread on my Ajnabi bf? LOOOL I know many of yall are already triggered

  • Yes, but only so I can start hating cuz I'm anti ajnabi

    Votes: 4 57.1%
  • Yes, because I'm pro mixing as long as they are Muslim

    Votes: 3 42.9%

  • Total voters
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I used to be on this site a lot (used it like a personal blog updating yall on my personal dilemmas ever week LMAO)

So many new users...Where are the old people?


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I remember you!

All the funny people left :kendrickcry: it's all gender war threads now and twitter links

So what's this about your bf :cosbyhmm: go on

Jake from State Farm

We pro xalimo all 2019
umm not quite ...see the ajnabi bf funded it LMFAO
Speaking of Beyoncé

At Coachella she had an amazing performance but the crowd barely appreciated it

“I have officially canceled Coachella after I realized most people go their just to say they went their.

I now have a bigger interest in going to Tomorrowland just to see Calvin Harris’s perform.
First and foremost, are you light skin? And I mean light skin, not brown skin.

Do you study towards, or hold either a sociology, psychology or criminal justice degree?

And lastly, are you a British citizen? Feel free to lie about this one please

These three questions have been engineered by the Federal Somali Government's department of agriculture and livestock to make a quick assesment and highly accurate on potential losses.


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So much for abdiexit. Look like the women are really the ones taking action.
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