autonomous federal cities.

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Fellow somalis who understand that we cannot rule the masses with an qabiil infested goverments. please join this discussion on how we can improve shanta somaliyeed without any help from the qabiil centered somalis.

we need to improve our defense capacities, an certain amount of our population ought to be educated to join the leading class.
we need an economy that goes beyond the ones on the face of the continent. we need to basically have segregated cities.

cities which you can only live in if you pass the intelligence tests and an strong background check.
a place where we can have check and balances. a place where we can document every thing. from deaths to births.
we don't even know how large our population is. we don't know who roams on our lands. we either need an dictator who can fast track this all or segregated cities.

ofcourse the cities need to be defended against any clan militia, and any other mooriyaan with access to weaponry.

these cities need to be build on not only historical landmarks but also in the most beautiful places in the lands. so that the somalis that want to go forward can enjoy emaculate views and the tourists aswell. yes you read it right tourists are welcome and some somalis aren't.

if you feel attacked personaly maybe you need to reflect on your self.

i know that gated communities are being build as i type this thread togheter. but we need entire municipalities. the end goal of having these cities is to educate and lure all somalis to the cities. with ten large cities we can house all somalis in them. nomads are grazing just a bit to much to be honest.

there is a lot to be done but what do ya'll think about this idea?
is it a bit to harsh or do you think it is exactly what we need right now.