Autism Amongst Somali Children in the West

Why is there a high amount of children amongst Somali who have autism ?

I may be ignorant but I haven’t seen one autism case that I’ve heard of kids in Africa being diagnosed with Autsim. It maybe due to the lack of awareness.

Over the last 10 years these Cases just increased. For instance In the 2000’s Somalis didn’t have high numbers of Autism Cases.

Even the Health workers in Minnesota are curious as to why Somalis have such high rates out of all the other ethnicities.

Recently a Somali Scholar Named (Saciid Rage) from Canada made a comment that the causes are due to Vaccinations.
It has since been an ongoing topic.
Not only him but Many Ajanibs including whites & blacks have been making these claims.

This is a Video on CNN from 9 years ago

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4th Emir of the Akh Right Movement
A study done by Swedes linked autism to vitamin D deficiency in pregnant Somali women. Explains why there’s a lot more severe autistic kids in the diaspora compared to Africa
If you want the answer, make the question broader and ask yourself why has autism in general exploded since the 70s.

It was about 1 in 2000 in America during the 70s. It is now 1 in 36! A 55x increase! Something obviously went badly wrong in the 70s onwards.