Author of One Piece confirms that Blackbeard is a geeljire

That's gd news now we can add him to the list with lil reese and Luffy but I'm not sure who else to add could zoro be some soft haired Somali idk? And do not spoil it for me I'm on episode 381.
I already knew about this news for a while now, but didn't think it was worth posting. :mjlaugh:

But why did they make one of the most backstabbing guy represent us. What is oda, and his little asian cock trying to say about us somali people. :pacspit:


Who the fuck am I? ギくェズー
Somalis are once again known worldwide as the kings of finessing.

Timo Jareer and proud

2nd Emir of the Akh Right Movement
Reddit weaboos had a conversation about it and how it was an achievement for "black people" then they went on a history debate about Somalia loool.