Athiest makes fun of Hinduism, Hindu comes back with savage reply

Ye this piece of shit atheist spit and tore up a quran, stinky hindus started cheering him on.
He made fun of their idols next and the pajeets when wild :dead:
These Hindus were enjoying his content when he was mocking Islam but when the same is applied to their religion they get upset. These Hindus are honestly retarded. And fuck that atheist piece of shit.
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Make Hobyo Great Again
One believes in an elephant god and the other blindly believes in no god. Both are disgraceful
I agree but I think elephant god is technically worse because shirk is the worst crime a person can commit.
He messed with the wrong folks, I am checking his Twitter and there's countless Sanjeets photoshopping his dead mom in the most defiling way possible

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With great power comes great electricity bill
He made the mistake of attacking Indians

Gujareets on the internet will flood you and they'll get a perceived victory due to numbers


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