Atheists of Sspot, what made you become atheist?

I used to be an atheist and what shifted me away from the deen was my Salafi upbringing, being told Allah is in the sky, the idea of heaven being appealing only to 7th century Bedouin’s and not a teenager in the 21st century, and the literal creation story which is biologically inaccurate. I came back to Islam once I realized that Allah also mentioned life emerging from water, the Big Bang, and the expansion of the universe in one Surah. It became clear to me as day that Allah wasn’t teaching us biology in the creation story but giving us a parable against fascism which may have happened in a way we might not comprehend.
Btw I’m not saying Nabi Adam didn’t exist. He probably was cloned from a Homoerectus Allah knows best but what’s for sure is his kids didn’t marry their siblings. This means there were other variations of human species that mated.