Atheist-Muslim War Thread

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Nobody can insult Islam. They will be zapped by Allah. Look at what happened to the scoffers of Aad and Thamud. Those niggas ain't laughing any more. Turned into a pile of cinder.


Fino alla morte
> leaves Islam
> spends every second thinking about Islam and Muslims

> get's triggered by dawah
> spends the whole day trying to convince Muslims that Islam is a lie

Newsflash: Nobody gives a damn about your gaalnimo :trumpsmirk:


Intellectual saqajaan
Why is the A and T story contra-logic?
There would be fossils of 80ft people all over Saudi Arabia and ME in general. Dinosaur fossils from millions of years ago are found, so why aren't fossils of an entire population that lived a few thousand years ago not found? The short answer is that they didn't exist
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